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Alessandro, restaurateur, and owner of Can Domingo Ibiza, a gastronomic reference point on the island, and his partner Guido, are embarking together on a new adventure, expressing their love for Japanese cuisine.

Their brand-new restaurant, located in the heart of San Rafael, offers a modern-contemporary and intimate setting where guests are welcomed all year round to enjoy Ibiza’s most authentic sushi.

The menu embraces some of the most attractive varieties, using exceptionally high-quality and specifically selected products, comprising ecological salmon, bluefin tuna, and organic Italian rice.

Guido, Can Domingo’s historical bartender and mixologist has characteristically designed an innovative ‘signature cocktail’ menu, perfectly blending his artistic flair with unique fusions to enhance the euphoric dining ambience.

Focusing on exceptional flavours and beautiful presentations, AristoSushi aims to redefine the island’s sushi experience.

Aristosushi box - prime quality
Aristosushi delivery wooden box

Home & Boat Delivery Service

Order before midnight to receive your order the following evening.

Fine attention to detail ensures every home sushi delivery is as every bit as special as dining in the restaurant itself. Each biodegradable wooden box provides a practical and enjoyable meal table solution, ultimately creating an unforgettable experience of color, texture, and taste.

In keeping with their eco-friendly ethos, Aristosushi provides their very own electric scooters which are responsible for all deliveries, ensuring the continuation of protecting our island and the environment, as a green local business.

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